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Dog Park Facility

Coachland now has a dedicated off-leash Dog Park playground for your pet's enjoyment and exercise. Over an acre of grass covered meadow has been divided into a large dog (1 acre) and small dog area (approx. 1,000 sq. ft.). The park is daylight park, as there are not any lights equipped for use at night. Picnic tables are placed around the park for your comfort.  Water is also available for drinking and clean-up.   

Requirements to use the Dog Park Facility: 

  • Dog Park is for the use of Coachland registered Guests and Residents only.  THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC DOG PARK.
  • Off leash dogs must be under Voice Control by their owners at all times.  No dog is to be left unattended.
  • Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dog and use of the dog park is at their own risk.  The dog owner is liable for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten or otherwise injured by his/her dog. 
  • All dogs must have current vaccinations.  Rabies tags should be attached to the dog and dogs must be parasite-free and should use flea/tick and heartworm preventative.  Puppies under 4 months old are not to use the dog park, as they have not had their vaccinations. 
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the dog park.  Any dogs showing signs of aggression will not be allowed to use the dog park and may be required to be removed from Coachland.          
  • Please limit use of toys to times when there are not a lot of dogs in the dog park, as competition can cause aggression.

  • The dog park is a NO SMOKING area. All cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of in the provided receptacles . DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND. This is both a fire danger as well as dangerous to the dogs if they happen to eat one.

  • OWNERS MUST CLEAN UP ANY DOG DROPPINGS MADE BY THEIR PETS. PLEASE BAG ALL DROPPINGS BEFORE DEPOSITING THEM IN THE PROVIDED RECEPTACLES. Picking up after your pet will keep the park healthy from disease transmittal and keep the park clean for all to enjoy.

Use of the dog park is at your own risk (and risk of your dog(s)). Please read these rules and be aware that in consideration for permission to use this facility, you will be expressly assuming the risk and legal liability and WAIVING and RELEASING all claims for injuries, damages or loss which you or your dog(s) might sustain as a result of using the Coachland Off-Leash Dog Park.


We hope you and your family enjoy our Dog Park!